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BiMBA商学院联席院长杨壮:思考人生终极问题 开启MBA旅程

Dear prospective BiMBA students:

Welcome to BiMBA, one of the best international MBA schools in China.

I understand it must have been difficult for you to select BiMBA because of multiple choices. But I congratulate you onmaking the right decision because BiMBA, dating back to 1998, has its unique brand and cultural legacy. It has beenranked top schools by leading business magazines.

BiMBA operates under the umbrella of NSD,the National School of development, which is one of the leading think tanks providing ideas for China’s economic development. BiMBA is located within the campus of Peking University, heavily influenced by PKU’s core values for independent personality, social consciousness and freedom of thoughts. BiMBA has been working with leading US and European business schools over the yearsand focuses on global values and perspectives.

What should you do and get well prepared before coming to BiMBA? In addition to reading books of relevant businesssubjects such as finance, accounting, strategy, marketing and leadership, Istrongly suggest you engage in serious thoughts and reflection on the followingquestions:

1)Who am I? Where do I come from?Where am I going to be? The seemingly simple questions will strongly impactyour studies at BiMBA and guide you through learning environments in Beijing.To answer these questions, you must search internally your values and beliefs,as well as personality and character. Having faith in love, knowledge, courageand integrity will guide you through your studies smoothly in China, which is undergoing great social and economic transformation, faced with opportunitiesand challenges. In the absence of core beliefs, it will be tough for you tomake the right judgment and do the right things while being in China.

2)What should be my goal in life?What do I want to do upon graduation? What is my dreaming job after I havecompleted my studies? Steven Jobs is a great role model for us to find answersto these questions. Jobs knew what he loved the most. He did what he should dobecause of his love for computers. He was intensely curious about new thingsand had strong interests in new discoveries. He was never opportunistic norutilitarian in his pursuit of ultimate goals in life. The thought of becomingthe richest man on earth had never occurred to him. But he was a man of greatmission and dreams to change the world.

3)How should I cope with cultural differences? What should I do if reality is below my expectations? How do Idevelop relationships with students from different social and culturalbackground? Should I and can I mingle with local students with different politicalviews and cultural habits? Am I capable of tolerating different ideas and personalities? Am I a positive person with growth mindset or I am pessimistic with “fixed” mindset? Cross cultural differences are real and really toughissues that you have to constantly cope with.

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